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Arch. Palafox Drawing the City BluePrint in Green

Green by design.

The book of Genesis tells about the Master Architect and his new creation teeming with life --- lush and abundant. Architect Palafox finds inspiration from the holy text, I suppose.

I was lead to feature Architect Palafox as he’s been in so many newspapers and magazines these past weeks. He, after all, without debate, is one of the all-time greats of Philippine Architecture. Now, he’s come to the fore because of his green advocacies, which are praiseworthy. They write about his vocation, his profession and his mission, which is to design from buildings to cities in green, earth-friendly, life-enriching and sustainable ways.

Palafox mags

The articles discussed the Triple E Bottomline principle, which Palafox and Associates, his firm, practices: Environment, Economy, and Social Equity; and the 3P Framework: Profit, Planning, and Planet Earth. The 3 E's or P's should guide the architect or the city planner from the very start. Beauty, or aesthetics, form or geometry, and function or practicality, are the architects' only criteria in the decades and even the centuries past. The threat of global warming and depleting resources have prompted our planners to plan for sustainability.

Beyond the drawing board, Architect Palafox’s advocacy is lived. He shuns from accepting projects which could prove harmful to the environment. He spreads the word, preaching around his green principles like gospel. I once sat by the master’s feet during he 12th NREA-HUDCC Convention, listening intently, and much of the time nodding in approval. He talked about designing cities where places for work, play, worship, commerce, and living are just proximate distances to each other---leg power is all one would need (walk or bike).

Architect Palafox is indeed a master of Philippine Green Architecture. Much more can be learned from him than a blog can hold, thus watch out for more features on this Philippine Green Hero.


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