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Why Pinoy Green Academy

Five Reasons to Join the Pinoy Green Academy

  1. It’s an HONORable undertaking we‘ll be taking part of. Other words that sounds as good are: praiseworthy, admirable, principled, good, upright and respectable.

  2. It should be a brilliant COMMUNITY we’ll be part of. Let’s meet like-minded and like-hearted green advocates and co-learners. They should be as intelligent, humble, generous, and noble as you are.

  3. It’s one good LEGACY to our children---helping leave a still green earth and setting a good example in principled living.

  4. It’s EASY. A few minutes per visit is all one needs to participate: to learn, to comment, or to contribute; and yet our hoped output is a body of knowledge that could really be positively life changing, life nourishing and life sustaining.

  5. It’s FREE. No enrolment fees. No miscellaneous fees.



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