The Filipino Worth Greening For


The same people worth dying for are worth living for.

I pause, in the midst of much outpouring of love and remorse, and think of our lives and our causes.

How much of this love is love for the nation: for we mourn for loss of one, who loved the nation, and done exceedingly beyond wild expectations?

How much love has caused the improbable possible: a widow, inexperienced, politically untainted, could muster much strength, and grit, and courage; but for faith?

How much hope and inspiration could be lost, and gained, and again, lost, and regained in the lives lost of our heroes?

I pause, in the midst of much mourning and reminiscing, and think of our lives and our causes.

How much of the life we lived could find meaning: more than any heroic deaths, for the day to day that’s given us, is time more than enough for our defining?

How much of the gifts received are shared or given out: we’re blessed often beyond our satisfaction and beyond our appreciation? Can we give a bit, a little, some, much, or all we can bear to give? The source of all gifts, the Giver, has resources beyond exhaustion. Do we give off His palms? 

Do we ever know the time or sum to share or give back out? When we have enough for ourselves, or like the widow in the temple, when we have but ourselves?

I pause, in the midst of thinking, and write: I shall for the nation be the Filipino, the Maker, surely would want me to be: a good father and husband, teacher, builder, entrepreneur, and through this academy, a steward of a healthy earth.

The Filipino worth dying for and worth living for, to me, is worth greening for.





In honor of President Cory Aquino (1933-2009)




For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

JOHN 3:16




“The world is in love with the Philippines,” President Benigno Aquino claimed in his recent State of the Nation Address.

Boost tourism. Uplift employment and educational status. Fight climate change. Develop a sustainable nation – build a greener Philippines. As the government pushes for rehabilitation projects all over the country, the need for environment-friendly and cost-effective products, ways of living, and practices are deemed necessary to achieve total sustainability.

At Green Philippines 2013, we are bringing together people, professionals, experts, and businessmen from various industries in a bold yet smart move towards environmental responsiveness.

The International Total Green Exhibition and Conference will take place on August 15 to 17, 2013 at the SMX Convention Center, Pasay City. More than 120 companies are set to exhibit the latest technologies, products, and services in manufacturing, building & construction, and renewable energy.

“Green Philippines provides an unprecedented opportunity for several mega industries to get together and showcase what they have to offer in terms of green technologies and products,” shared Patrick Lawrence Tan, CEO of Global-Link MP Events International Inc., event organizers. “We have seen a lot of initiatives to help mitigate the effects of climate change over the past few years. This event is our way of contributing to this cause. We are urging businesses to step up and not embrace the need for change but to be the change.”

Areas to look out for are the Green Transportation Pavilion, dedicated to “green vehicles” such as hybrid cars, electric bikes and motorcycles; Solar Pavilion, showcasing solar rooftops and off-grid solutions; the Green Choice Pavilion, featuring companies awarded with the Green Choice Philippines Seal of Approval; and the Water Technology Pavilion, focused on the latest in plumbing and water sanitation.

Aside from the exhibit, the event also presents knowledge-sharing opportunities with conferences that feature renowned experts from around the world. On August 15, the first ECOCONST Summit: Eco-Design and Construction Conference will focus on real-world, solutions-based studies in green design and building. Among the roster of speakers are Archt. Angelo Mañosa, Archt. Christopher Dela Cruz, and ASEAN Energy Efficient Building Practices Awardee Archt. Popo Danes, straight from Bali, Indonesia.

On August 16, the Philippine Solar Summit will once again serve as an avenue for policymakers and stakeholders to discuss case studies, country experiences, and presentations geared towards this growing industry. This summit is co-organized by the Renewable Energy Developers Caucus (REDC) and supported by the National Power Corporation as well as the Philippine Solar Power Alliance.

Other activities to watch out for includes the Water Technology Technical Symposium set on August 17 focusing on the latest in water sanitation and plumbing relevant to business establishments and households. Also included is the Greenovation Forum, a technical seminar by participating exhibitors that want to introduce what’s new in their wide array of products. All these and more awaits all visitors of Green Philippines 2013.

For more information on the activities, you may contact the Organizer at tel. no. (02) 750-8588 or email /

In principle, Green Philippines does not only aim to be the biggest green expo in the country, it also envisions to be a top advocate of the greater green cause. Together, we can make the world fall in love more with the Philippines if we start to make a move towards a greener future.

EndDanger: Eco Art and Music Fest

Eco Art & Music Fest Fundraiser Opens January 19 at Conspiracy Garden Café

Poster - EndDanger

Manila (December, 2012) – An art exhibit and music fest fundraiser for Save Philippine Seas’ Pawikan
Watchers program opens on January 19, 2013 at the Conspiracy Garden Café, Quezon City.

EndDanger, which features mixed media artworks from the group Artists for Nature and performances
from Flying Ipis, Extrapolation, and other music bands, calls attention to the growing problem of animal
endangerment in the Philippines and encourages the community to get involved in conservation and
protection efforts.

Although gifted with a rich and biologically diverse ecosystem, from lush forests to a vibrant marine life,
our country’s natural resources have significantly dwindled over time. Animal species, in particular, are
under increasing threat from habitat destruction, pollution and commercial exploitation. Many are now
in the verge of extinction.

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Tour of the Fireflies 2012


It was almost always in summer that we find these swarm of bikers taking over the streets of Metro Manila. This year it will be on a usually rainy November that they will take the streets, but one thing remains the same, regardless of season, rain or shine --- it is their mission to harken back the fireflies.

What is that again? Read an old post, Learn to Fly with the Fireflies.

Bicycle as Environmentally Sustainable Transportation (BEST) is this year's event title. It rings true, right? Join us and help us promote it.


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