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17 April 2011



You're very much welcome to do so, Tina.


This is tina from Firefly brigade, just want to ask if i can grab some of your photos that we can put in our newsletter.

You may email it to me

Thank you for the support.
nice blog.

See you on November 18, 2012!
Bicycle revolution continues towards its BEST.


It is important to do our bit for the planet, and to do it in touch a positive and fun way has to be the way forward.


The tour of the firelies looks amazing, it is so good to see people pulling together to ride for something that they truly believe in.


Wow, this event is truley inspirational, not only that but the people are doing something proactive and having fun....x


Yes, that keeps me going back there every year. It is inspiring and encouraging --- it's felt in the atmosphere.

Filipina Desire

I'm happy to see that many people are making an effort to help clean the atmosphere in a fun way!.. :)

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