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15 October 2009



I found some Neem products in GeoShop in CubaoX, in Echostore, and the store formerly known as EcoMarket in Market!Market!

Cecile Santos

please advise where can i buy neem tree?

Cheap Acomplia

Hello. Good article )

Organic Skin Care Product

Nothing like neem oil in an organic skin care product to help one's self-image. Granted, there are many products out there that may work well in the short-term for skin ailments, but in the long-term, such harsh chemicals and synthetic compounds would inevitably do damage in terms of elasticity, look, and feel. By using natural products with Neem oil in it as a main constitute, one can be rest assured not only that their skin will clear up, but that there would be no long-term effects do to it being organically produced.

Dennis Morada

Sorry, but I haven't seen it elsewhere but in Cubao's Geo Shop only.

Regarding the Filipino name, it's an introduced tree to us from India or Indonesia where neems are native. It's also known as marrango, but that's what it's called in other countries as well.


where can i buy this products? are they available nationwide? i ve heard its best for chicken pox


anu po yung tagalog? hiligaynon name of neem?

Dennis Morada

That's a good testimonial for NEEM. We've also been using it at home. They do work. Thanks for visiting and sharing, Tin2.


Ay nako, I'm also advocating the use of neem products.

We use this in the farm, as organic pesticide, the leaves are concocted into pesticide for the fruit bearing trees and palay.
We have a big tree there, and you can sleep under without worry of mosquito bites... or even other insects. Once you leave the area, dun ka na madadale. :)

This is so much better than even eucalyptus.


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